Send Rakhi to Ludhiana

    We do not often express the purity of affections we hold for our brothers. Since coming on, that would mean the impossible- politely passing on the TV remote. However, we must not let a few kilometres interfere with that one day we express the intensity of love we feel for our dear brothers. So don't let them wait when you can send rakhi to Ludhiana and avail a super fast delivery service from RakhiCelebrations.

    33 products

    33 products

    Defeat The Distance by Sending Rakhi to Ludhiana 

    Specifically, say your brother had channeled all his ambition and moved to Ludhiana for his higher studies or that one dream job. And no matter how much your heart objects, you want him to be the happiest. Long intervals of not seeing him make your life feel incomplete and this one year when he says he is stuck even for Raksha Bandhan you get more furious than ever! Lets make him surprise with our exclusive rakhi delivery service which come's along with roli & tikka as complimentary. Lets cherish the innate gratefulness you feel towards him for just existing and being that absolute pillar forever indeed.

    But that does not mean you can just let the day go by without making him feel loved. Hence, we bring on to your rescue, online rakhi delivery store in Ludhiana wherein you can get variety of Rakhi's to choose from. From bracelet rakhi thread to kundan rakhi, each set of Rakhi come's out with blessings from the artisan who handcraft these Rakhis personally. Trust us when we say, he misses you as much as you miss him. And the fact that you guys are a part of this Raksha Bandhan is as bitter to him, as it is to you. Hence, use Rakhi gifts delivery in Ludhiana, to transform that bitter into sweet truly.

    Deliver Rakhi in Ludhiana & Show Him You Are Thankful:

    For example, remember that one time when he saved your back when you got into a fight at school? That time he brought you ice cream because you were sad? Perhaps all those countless instances when he believed in you even when you did not believe in yourself? And now he is stuck within a pandemic, away from his family. In the dire need to be reminded that he is loved and cared for. Indeed, there are several things you can do to make him feel special. Along with opting for the variety of range of rakhi gifts delivered in Ludhiana, you can send him something more personal to light up that special corner of his heart.

    For instance, a personalized card with a written note of how much he means to you or exercising your creativity to sketch that one swing set you guys used to play on as children -are instances of some incredibly unique ideas. You can also deliver him that one book he has been wanting to read for a while, or a shirt of his favorite color for his upcoming significant interview. All accompanied with online Rakhi delivery in Ludhiana of course.


    Most specifically, never skip on that one beautiful Rakhi to embrace his brotherly wrist. Cliches are cliches because they are true. And he will indeed think of his loved sister every time he glances over at that gorgeous flowery Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan. Thus send Rakhi to most famous & rich culture city Ludhiana because along with other gifts this crucial ritual transcended from your childhood with the surface all his sweet memories along with yours.