6 Interesting Facts About Raksha Bandhan That You Don’t Know

We tend to think about “rakhis”, sweets and gifts as soon as “Raksha Bandhan” comes in our minds. But, do you know there are certain interesting facts associated with this festival that are hardly known to anyone? Unleashed here are a few fascinating facts about Raksha Bandhan that you do not know.

Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated in Sri Lanka, UAE, Mauritius and Nepal Also:

Amazed? Yes, Rakhi Mahotsava is not confined to India! Many people believe that it is only Hindus and Indians that celebrate it. But, this is not so. It has a wider acceptance and the carnival is celebrated by non Hindus and non Indian residing in various parts of the world. Indeed, a well-known Mughal emperor Humayun defeated Bahudar Shah for his Rakhi Promise from Rani Karnavati.

Chittor’s queen Rani Karnavati sent Rakhi to Humayun on getting attacked by Bahudar Shah who was the then King of Gujarat. Though Humayun could not save Karnavati but he kept his promise by defeating Bahadur Shah Zafar. Not only Muslims but Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs all celebrate this pious festival.

Rakhi Mahotsav was Started by Rabindranath Tagore:

You know him for the national anthem, as a poet, as a noble prize winner and as a story writer but do you know that Rabindranath Tagore started this Mahotsav? Way back in 1905 during the Partition of Bengal, this Nobel Laureate started Raksha Bandhan for the purpose of strengthening bond between Hindu and Muslims. This way, Hindus and Muslims got united to fight against the Britishers.

facts about raksha bandhan

God of Rain (Indra) and God of Sea are Worshipped On This Day:

Yes! The ceremony is not just limited to the sisters tying Rakhis on the hands of their brothers, offering them sweets and receiving gifts. Hindus, who know the deep rooted significance of this day, worship Indra and Varun on this day. On this special day sisters buy rakhis and tie on their brothers wrist.

Wife of Indra Tied Rakhi on His Wrist:

You get furious about the idea of your crush tying Rakhi to your hands? Worry not! Hindu mythology says that a wife had tied Rakhi to his husband. When Indra decided to go for a war himself to protect Earth his wife got concerned about his safety and tied Rakhi “an amulet” on his wrist. Indra won the war and that amulet tied by his wife came to known as Raksha Sutra.

In Rajasthani Tradition Rakhi is Tied on Sister-in-Law’s Hand:

Marwari’s and Rajasthani’s do this. Both Rajasthani and Marwari women tie Lumba rakhi on the wrist of their sister-in laws. They believe that their brother’s wife is the one who takes care of him and his well being so it is duty of sisters to tie this pious thread on the wrist of their brother’s wife also.

Draupadi Once Tied Rakhi On Lord Krishna Wrist:

Though the tradition of rakhi in India was started by Rabindra Nath Tagore but Hindu Mythology says that it started way back. Once Lord Krishna has a cut on his hand, seeing this Draupadi immediately tore her saree and tied a piece of it on his hand. In return to this, Krishna promised to protect her dignity always and he did so.

There are several other fun-filled and interesting facts about Raksha Bandhan like it is known as “Coconut Purnima” in Maharashtra. Brahmins of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Orissa call this festival “Avni Aviram”. Indian Postal Department prepares special envelopes on this occasion. These envelopes cost you 10 Rs only and you can send several traditional ethnic Rakhis together. Members of Rashtriya Syamsevak Sangh or RSS tie rakhis to each other on this day.

Surprised over these? But, they are facts.