Raksha Bandhan is a very auspicious and traditional day in the life of brothers and sisters, and it brings the best feelings out of both of them. It goes back to those great childhood days when the sisters would crave the best gift from the brother, and the brothers would also spend all they had for the same. Sisters bless their brothers for their well-being and respect them, and brothers promise to protect them from every evil thing in the world. It is one of the most lovely festivals from the big set of Indian festivals, as this celebrates the love and respect in the sibling bond.

This is one of the festivals that kick starts the festival season in India. But as time has progressed, this festival has been left with a mere meaning of exchanging gifts. Over the years, there have much more noticeable changes incelebration techniques and other perks of Raksha Bandhan. The generation change has surely brought in the change in the way this festival is celebrated.


There probably has been a reduction in the rush in the markets at the time of Rakhi. People have now turned towards online rakhi store and don't seem to be interested in getting out of their house to buy a rakhi. Now they just choose from a variety of designs online and choose threads they wish to tie on which seems more comfortable! Online markets had proved their worth in various sectors previously and now Rakhi as well. Not only the Rakhis, but the stores also have several gifts to choose from. It is now no more than beautiful to see all the sisters out in the market, choosing the most beautiful Rakhi for their brothers as in the earlier days.



The original rakhis that was a sacred thread with an artificial flower kind stuff were great in comparison to today's Rakhis. These days we just are materializing the festivals by adding more outer beauty to this thread rather than adding beauty to the inner souls. Now we have fancy gold, silver and all other kinds of designer Rakhi. Cartoon figure rakhis are a favorite among small kids during this festival period. This is just clearly making the originality and the main motive of the festival disappear.

Rakhis That Hold Attention

Had anyone ever thought of having a LED light within a rakhi? But yes, it is very often seen in the market and other places these days. The one with a lot of shiny beads and also the one with cloth circle is the most commonly demanded. Not only fancy Rakhi but now there are customized bracelets to put on your brother's wrist.

This modernization is surely taking away the authenticity of the traditional Indian Raksha Bandhan festival. The ones with godly figures are also there in the market, and many people also tend to buy the same. Leave the technology, we Indians can notice the change in the type of rakhis earlier and the types these days, completely contrast.

With the passing times, the ever advanced technology and internet services have made it absolutely a quick and easy job for buying Rakhi and the Rakhi gifts. But on the contrary, the ethnic designs of Rakhi have once again gained popularity in the market after the popular era of the beading rakhis and contemporary stuff. Today, we have many traditional Indian designs available in the market, some of which are namely Kundan rakhis, Antique finish rakhis, and much more. The best part about this festival is that just by the bond secured by a holy string, it brings siblings closer than ever. Not only the brothers and sisters but also the whole family comes together for one big time to celebrate this festival in the best possible way.